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Book Review: Avi Rubin's "Brave New Ballot"

elections, copyright, chilling effects, friends, research, policy, usability, legal
As [Freddie Oakley] put it to me, "Who wouldda thunk Avi could write a page-turner about life through the looking glass in Electionland." That's exactly what [Avi Rubin] has done with his new book, **[Brave New Ballot]** (Morgan Road Books, A Division… more »

The Dangers of Blurring Lines in Academia...

copyright, chilling effects, patents, politics, friends, policy, legal, threats, education, iSchool
[Lilia](, a recent Master's graduate from here at the [iSchool](, recounts her frustrating experience with her Master's project, her adviser and intellectual property associated with her project:… more »

Do you have nothing to hide?

wtf?, secrecy, chilling effects, privacy, family, friends, research, policy
(comments are open on this post for a few days.) I'm set to go on vacation in the near future and a short plane trip is par for the course. I didn't hear about the British terror plot involving liquids until Michelle's mother, Pat, mentioned it in a… more »

AutoMARK gets a patent for the "ballot marking device"

elections, vendors, news, chilling effects, patents, legal
One of the true innovations in computer-mediated voting in recent years is the development of the ballot marking device. A number of vendors have developed devices that essentially act like large expensive pens. These devices allow people with disabil… more »

Westlaw rocks, Westlaw sucks

elections, accessibility, copyright, wtf?, chilling effects, research, policy, DRM, legal, education, iSchool
Man, I've just started to get the hand of Westlaw (a vast database of legal cases, information and articles). It has almost everything. However, little did I know that there is a monthly allotment of time spent on the site. I had no idea until I ran… more »
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