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Death comes for us all. Most of us will not be able to choose the time, place and form of its coming. Fewer of us will have the luxury to not see it coming. It is a strange aspect of humans that some consciously decide to take their own lives and… more »

Possible HAVA Violation in Georgia's Provisional Balloting

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Yesterday, I read [Ron Rivest]'s write-up of his elections observation experience in Georgia this past November ([*"Trip Report: Election Day 2006: Visit to Atlanta Georgia on 11/7/2006 for election observing"* (PDF)](… more »

Diebold whistleblower pleads guilty and pays $10K

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Truly sad. I wish he had had the right criminal defense to wash his hands of this. Whistleblowing has to be done right. Jones Day is a bunch of really scummy lawyers. ### [E-voting `hero' pleads guilty to computer crime in Diebold case][1] > By… more »

Electioneering in the Polling Place

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So, as a poll worker, we were instructed to tell anyone in the polling place that wearing pins or t-shirts, etc. that represented a candidate or measure on the ballot was electioneering under [California Law](… more »

Barriers to TOR Research at UC Berkeley

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I'm giving a talk today here at the TRUST Privacy workshop entitled [*"Barriers to TOR Research at UC Berkeley"* (slides)]( The paper is available here: (Thanks to [Ryan](h… more »
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