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How to Turn Off Video AutoPlay on Flickr

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If you don't like new flickr videos playing automatically when you open a bunch up in tabs: 1. Click on your name in the upper-right corner of flickr. 2. Click on the ?Privacy & Permissions? tab. 3. Scroll down and change the ?AutoPlay Vi… more »

For Igor...

wtf?, chilling effects, berkeley, friends, exercise, iSchool
To the motorcyclist that pushed Igor off his bicycle this weekend: **Fuck you and I hope you get pushed off your bike, bitch!** There's a special type of bad karma/hell for people that fuck with bicylcists (and I'm not talking about the critical mass… more »

Tova Freed from Gag

elections, reform, news, secrecy, chilling effects, friends, research, policy, legal
[Tova Wang], released from her confidentiality obligations under a contract for the Election Assitance Comission, has written a very interesting op-ed in the Washington Post describing the twists and turns of the whole affair ([*"A Rigged Report on U.S.… more »

Funny, in light of recent drama around Chinese products

wtf?, chilling effects
It really is [a pretty cup] that one might want to drink tea out of... sigh. [a pretty cup]: more »

How fragile we are...

hacks, chilling effects, family
It's been a rough summer... [Peter](, my grandfather and one uncle have each succumbed to cancer of one sort or another. Then, my father's crappy [mitral valve](, which… more »
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