Category: chilling effects

RNC Activists: Know Your Rights!

chilling effects
Cryptome has just posted a PDF entitled, "KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: Legal Information for Activists at the Republican National Convention" from the Center for Constitutional Rights. It's a great illustration of just how… more »

Police to Use Military Crowd-Control Equipment for GOP Convention

elections, accessibility, news, wtf?, chilling effects
NEW YORK - Forget the megaphones. Police will have a much more high-tech -- and louder -- option to make themselves heard over the din of Manhattan traffic and noisy protesters outside the Republican National Convention. It's called the Long Range Ac… more »

Secondary Chilling Effects: Cryptome Chilled by the FBI

secrecy, chilling effects
The Associated Press report yesterday by Tom Hays quoted Cryptome on the "chilling" effect of the FBI visit in November 2003. What we should have made clear was not that Cryptome was chilled but that telling about the visit chilled others from having de… more »
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