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Fast Fraud

chilling effects, food, legal, threats, defamation
[Charles Tryon]( points to a brand-new lawsuit, ["Supersized Lawsuit"][ce]: [ce]: > Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me featured a brief interview with attorney Samuel… more »

My russian friend the pirate...

copyright, wtf?, chilling effects, SIMS, berkeley, friends, policy
Turns out, [Yuri]( is a [freakin' pirate]( [Here's]( [the](http://www.freewisd… more »


blogging, feeds, wtf?, secrecy, chilling effects, SIMS, friends
[Mary][] has [the scoop][s] over at [Napsterization][n]: [AskJeeves][aj] is purchasing [Bloglines][b]. And the new [AskJeeves blog][ajb] seems to scream the same... [mary]: [s]:… more »

A Letter From My ISP,

system, chilling effects, policy
I received a letter from my ISP, []( It basically describes that BellSouth has filed at the FCC for deregulation of DSL broadband services. This will mean that I really might only have two broadband choices in the futur… more »

Copyrighting Cease and Desist Letters?

copyright, secrecy, chilling effects, policy
*Can attorneys claim copyright in cease and desist letters they send (to prevent them to be forwarded)?* [TechDirt][1] has an interesting story up, ["Since When Is It Illegal To Just Mention A Trademark Online?"][2] (via [Doug][]'s [Clipblog][dclip])… more »
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