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Forbes barfs on blogging

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So, [Forbes][1] has a series of ridiculous pieces that make up it's cover story for the November 14 issue. The first ([*"Attack of the Blogs"*][2]) is a piece that generalizes about "attack blogs" using one lengthy example and a bunch of crap sprinkled… more »

Pics of Rita Remanents in West Texas

chilling effects, photos, family, friends
**UPDATE [2005-09-27 06:54:49]:** It appears these photos were not authentic. In fact, a reader contacted me and said, "If you run a simple web search for any of the file names in your site, you'd find that the photos are actually photos of Cyclone Ing… more »

The clownside of soapbox-ism

blogging, wtf?, chilling effects
[This is total bullshit](,1895,1862256,00.asp). **UPDATE [2005-09-24 10:08:20]:** Later, a great comment from [Paul Saffo]( > If newspapers are the "first draft" of history, blogs and other f… more »

Voting without a home?

elections, chilling effects, problems, policy, legal
How do you vote and register to vote if you don't have a home? Well, it depends on where you live in the U.S. This chart: could be useful if someone you know no longer has a home and would like to exercise the franchise in this Fall's elections. more »

My Orphan Work Comment in the SF Guardian

copyright, chilling effects, San Francisco, policy, legal
[My comment]( submitted to the LOC's [Orphan Works RFC]( was mentioned in an [SF Guardian]( article by Matthew Hirsch: [*"… more »
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