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Wendy: Building our own PVRs

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If only I wasn't a broke grad. student... > With just [five months left until the broadcast flag][9], [EFF][10] is staging a build-in: [Build your own][11] high-definition video recorder that lawfully ignores the broadcast flag. > We're using [My… more »

Classic Pizza Dough

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So, here is a great pizza dough recipe that I use. This is an adaptation of [Peter Reinhart][peter]'s "Neo-Neapolitan Dough" from [*American Pie: My Search for the Perfect Pizza*][book]. (Every pizza maker should own that book. Note: I list [other pizz… more »

A Quick Cinnamon Roll Recipe Using Pizza Dough

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Well, to partially help [Morgan][morgan] with [her request for recipes][mreq], here's a quick one you can use if you have some frozen pizza dough in your freezer (unfortunately, you'll have to wait a week or so for my write-up on my favorite pizza dough… more »

I, Pizzaiolo

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pizzaiolo - n. 1. One who creates pizza. 2. An individual pizza maker that strives to make the best pizza that (s)he possibly can. I've been meaning to do a post on pizza sometime... this article in a recent edition of the Sunday New York Times is a… more »

Brined Turkey Day!

So Judd has all the choice Thanxgiving brined bird tips... my Mom has a damned fine brined bird recipe (I think it may be Chez Panisse's) that calls for a slightly different brine: 2.5 gallons of H2O 2 cups of kosher salt 1 cup sugar 2 b… more »
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