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OCRing Documents from PACER

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So, occasionally, when examining documents on PACER (the electronic filing system for federal courts in the US) you get one that is scanned in and not OCR'd (which means that you can't select the text in the document). How do you go about getting it OC… more »

Banana Pancakes

recipe, food
Ever wonder what to do with two very ripe bananas? Well, if you have some syrup, a cup of milk and an egg and some basic kitchen stuff, you've got pancakes. **Ingredients:** * 1 c. AP flour * 1 tbsp. sugar * 2 tsp. baking powder * 1/4 tsp. sal… more »

Sesame Encrusted Ahi with a Mixed Greens Salad Dressed with Poblano Dressing, Blue Cheese and Toasted Pecans

recipe, food
This is a killer meal for two. I suggest using sushi-grade Ahi or Mahi-Mahi tuna and pairing both dishes with a decent Fumé Blanc (which is drier than Sauvignon Blanc). ### Ingredients **Dressing:** * 1 Poblano (Pasilla) Chile, stemmed and se… more »

OMGWTF Banana Pudding

recipe, food
This is a layered pudding where there are layers of cookie, then banana then pudding, topped with a meringue. Meringue isn't essential for this dish and usually banana pudding doesn't have it; however, once you have it with meringue, you'll never, ever… more »

Don't be afraid of polenta

recipe, food
Man, I love polenta (which is the glorified Italian version of the South's grits). It's essentially medium-ground corn meal cooked to a porridge state -- for soft polenta -- and sometimes cooled -- for the hard version of polenta. Many people also love… more »
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