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**Tigret** n. regret, disappointment felt when watching television recorded days previously on a TiVo or DVR and seeing advertising for an event or program that has already happened in real time. *trademark-free synonym:* DVRegret more »

Some random thoughts...

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* Peter Lyman's memorial today was beautiful. * I'm so going to see [Dragon Wars]. I ***love*** dragons!!! * Wow. Kathy Griffin: ["Suck it, Jesus"]. I guess you can't say that on TV, huh? * I've finished both [*Neuromancer*] and [*Count Zero*] and… more »

Funny, in light of recent drama around Chinese products

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It really is [a pretty cup] that one might want to drink tea out of... sigh. [a pretty cup]: more »

The Wire, Season 4 DVDs

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OMG, Amazon has [a page up][1] for the DVDs of [The Wire][2]'s 4th season!!! The Wire, in my humble opinion, is ***the best*** television series ever. (although I'm a big fan of Battlestar and Deadwood... and then there's Xena and Buffy) [1]:… more »

"Ham-ass", "idea-r" and british pronunciation

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I listen to the BBC a lot... KALW, my preferred local NPR station, often plays the BBC at hours when I do stuff (2-3pm, 12am-5am). One thing I've started to notice, which I find particularly strange and a bit funny, is the way the British pronounce… more »
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