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OuijaVote 2008!

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This is a pretty clever piece of art... [Keats] took [Ken Goldberg]'s networked Ouija Board and turned it into a collective consciousness voting booth. [Keats]: [Ken Goldberg]:… more »

Thanks to the mysterious liquor provider...

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When I was away for xgiving, [FedEx Home Delivery]( (whatever the heck that is) tried to deliver a package three times. Of course, I was away and unable to get it... the weird part was that i… more »

Weird package shenanigans

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Weird. I came home today to find a huge package at my door. From [Land's End]. I wasn't surprised to see a package; I had ordered 4 charcoal grey t-shirts with a pocket, reprazent. But this damn package was huge (like 3'x3'x3'). I open it up and… more »

For Igor...

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To the motorcyclist that pushed Igor off his bicycle this weekend: **Fuck you and I hope you get pushed off your bike, bitch!** There's a special type of bad karma/hell for people that fuck with bicylcists (and I'm not talking about the critical mass… more »

random stuff

* I'll be updating some links with respect to [Carl Malamud's talk] last week... Carl has mixed in audio from the 31 videos he showed during the talk so that you can at least experience higher-fidelity audio associated with the presentation. A video of… more »
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