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Bye Bye, Beardy

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No more beard for a while, I suppose. I've had a beard or sideburns since 1993, even when I had a shaved head. Srsly. more »

David Sedaris quote...

...from the current New Yorker where he discusses his affinity for spiders ([*April & Paris*]): > There have been other [*Tegenaria*] since then, a new population every summer, and though I still feed them and monitor their comings and goings, it… more »

Random Thoughts 20080210

* The NAU Department of Physics and Astronomy is looking for a replacement telescope for their department (from which I graduated in 2000). If you have $50,000 and want your name on a sweet [Ritchey-Chretien]( Telescope… more »

Random Thoughts (2008-01-08)

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* [Neurosis]' new album [*Given to the Rising*] is drop-dead gorgeous... some of the best music I've heard in a long time. A dude at [Lanesplitters] tells me that the vinyl version has a DVD inside that explains the artwork and the arc of the album. A… more »

Definging "random" in Ohio

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[Ohio is one of the many states]( that has a paper trail (VVPAT) requirement but doesn't also conduct post-election audits (hand tallying of the paper records as a check against the e… more »
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