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FBI withdraws NSL letter to Brewster

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(full res. [here][1], EFF press release [here][2]) [1]: [2]: more »

?Good Yontiff, Pontiff?

> I am no longer in New York during passover and a papal visit (which means the chance of my actually being able to say ?Good yontiff, pontiff?, has now dropped back from astonishingly faint to none). > > -- Neil Gaiman ([*?Fair Use and other t… more »

Expelled da bomb!

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Everyone out there, take a page from [LQ]( and hype up a stupid-ass movie, [*Expelled*][1], by linking to where people can get the real information when it comes out tomorrow. Intelligen… more »

It's The Final Cylon

It's official, the final cylon is [John Frakkin' McCain](! more »

Fat Ass Gurney

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We're such fatasses we're starting to [need heavy duty gurneys][1]! [1]: more »
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