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The SCO judge is hella funny...

copyright, SCO, open source, chilling effects
"If Counterclaim 10 is gone, the jury won't be confused any more?" - Judge Kimbal in today's SCO v. IBM hearing more »

NIH: Enhanced Public Access to NIH Research Information

copyright, open source
Establishing a comprehensive, searchable electronic resource of NIH- funded research results and providing free access to all, is perhaps the most fundamental way to collect and disseminate this information. The NIH must balance this need with the abili… more »

WPES: "Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine"

elections, certification/testing, accessibility, reform, standards, open source, secrecy, privacy
In case anyone out there is interested, here is the preprint version of our OVC-inspired privacy paper for the ACM's WPES 2004 upcoming in October: "Privacy Issues in an Electronic Voting Machine" Here's the abstract: ABSTRACT In this paper, we d… more »

Joe no longer an FSF Licensing Volunteer

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Well, folks... I feel the need to use this blog more like a diary at the moment. What a treat. Be prepared. I've been dismissed from the FSF Licensing queue. (What's that? If you send email to, it used to go to me and Dave Turner.… more »

Bill Gates mugshot

open source
"And so people should understand the GPL." --Bill Gates Saw this in a presentation by the FSF's GPL Compliance guru, Dave Turner... hats off for the best chuckle I've had in a while. more »
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