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Report from ?Making a Business on Free Software?

open source, berkeley
(This is cross-posted to [the OSDDDI blog][1]) I attended the [Berkeley Entrepreneurs Forum][2]'s (BEF) session entitled ["Open Source: Making a Business on Free Software"][3] last night (Note: this is not the Stallman-sense of "free software").… more »

EML moves in the direction of an ISO standard...

elections, certification/testing, standards, open source, politics, policy
The [Election Markup Language] (EML) has just begun the process of becoming and official [OASIS][OASIS] standard. The public comment period started yesterday and goes until 14 Nov 2005. This is the first step towards making EML an ISO standard. In… more »

Send me S/MIME encrypted email...

hacks, open source, secrecy
You can now send me [S/MIME] encrypted email... and if you use [GMail] and [Firefox], you can use the [S/MIME Firefox extension] for Gmail, too! To download the certificate for my Digital ID: . [S/MIME]: [GMail]… more »

Firefox 1.0.6, bad

hacks, open source
So, I've determined that [Firefox][Firefox] [1.0.6] is not right for me... I'm going to stick to [1.0.5] until the [1.5 version] comes out (and possibly even until all my favorite [extensions] are tooled to run in 1.5). [Firefox]: http://www.mozilla.… more »

Licensing Woes...

elections, copyright, hacks, open source, chilling effects, SIMS, policy, legal
Anyone out there that will be taking our [class on open source] this fall (taught by Pam Samuelson, Steve Weber and Mitch Kapor) will soon appreciate this (if they don't already): In the process of managing the development of the [Verified Voting Founda… more »
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