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Kapor on "Virtual Worlds"

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[Mitch Kapor] gave the third installment in his series of [Distinguished Lectures] here at the [UC Berkeley School of Information] yesterday. His talk was entitled, "Disruptive Innovations I Have Known and Loved, Part 3: Virtual Worlds". Audio from th… more »

XO yo

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Due to a recent gift for having lived 30 years now, I'm super-excited to be getting an XO laptop ([OLPC XO-1]) through the [One Laptop Per Child]'s *["Give one, get one"]* (G1G1) program. Who knew that being geekily philanthropic could be so much f… more »

Ubuntu is freakin' awesome

open source
Never be afraid of Linux again. I just installed [Ubuntu] 7.10 on a Dell notebook and it is an amazing user experience. While I had to ask an officemate a couple questions about Windows recently, I didn't have to ask anyone anything about Ubuntu. I… more »

Carl Malamud, "(Re-)Defining the Public Domain"

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[Carl Malamud] gave today's [Distinguished Lecture] at the [UC Berkeley School of Information] entitled, "(Re-)Defining the Public Domain". Audio of the event is [here][1] and some pictures are [here][2]. It was a fascinating talk -- almost a perf… more »

Mapping codes to levels for factors imported from SPSS data in R

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[R](, the R-project, is a great, free, statistical software package that can do many many things... however, some things can be a bit of a pain to figure out. For example, if your collaborators have their data in [SPSS](ht… more »
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