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Tinkering with Disclosed Source Voting Systems

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*(cross-posted at [Freedom To Tinker](* As [Ed pointed out in October][1], Sequoia Voting Systems, Inc. ("Sequoia") announced then that it intended to publish th… more »

Preparing an old Mac for resale

system, hacks, education
I have an old PowerBook G4 that I want to sell, for whatever the market will bear, on eBay. I put some thought into preparing it for sale. I wanted the hard disk wiped clean of any information I had. I also wanted the recipient to get a fresh, *upd… more »

Restoring iTunes Music Library Metadata

music, hacks, chilling effects, family
Michelle's eMac (yeah, it's old) has been doing something weird where iTunes looses all knowledge of her music library and metadata. The music is still there, but her `iTunes Music Library.xml` file is nowhere to be found. Luckily, we back her Mac up… more »

Upgrading iPhone 2G to 3.1.2

hacks, open source, research, education
The [iPhone Dev Team is on it](! The skinny: updating to 3.1.2 is as simple as creating a custom firmware file and then Option+Restore via iTunes. It's that simple. Here is the more verbose ver… more »

Upgrading to Snow Leopard

system, hacks, open source
Well, I recently upgraded to Snow Leopard (SL) and it went pretty dang smoothly, I must say. Especially, considering that I did a full "Erase and Install", where one erases their old disk, does a new installation of SL by booting from the SL DVD (and i… more »
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