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Send me S/MIME encrypted email...

hacks, open source, secrecy
You can now send me [S/MIME] encrypted email... and if you use [GMail] and [Firefox], you can use the [S/MIME Firefox extension] for Gmail, too! To download the certificate for my Digital ID: . [S/MIME]: [GMail]… more »

Firefox 1.0.6, bad

hacks, open source
So, I've determined that [Firefox][Firefox] [1.0.6] is not right for me... I'm going to stick to [1.0.5] until the [1.5 version] comes out (and possibly even until all my favorite [extensions] are tooled to run in 1.5). [Firefox]: http://www.mozilla.… more »

Microphones can record keystrokes

hacks, privacy, SIMS, berkeley, research
Microphones placed near keyboards can record keystrokes ([*"Keyboard Acoustic Emanations Revisited"*]( [Doug] and colleagues have [a new paper] that talks about how their ne… more »

How to do a hard reset on the Jabra BT250v

I just got a new bluetooth headset... the [Jabra BT250v]( It's a great headset (although it appears to be a bit hard for people to hear me in windy environm… more »

Executing PHP in Perl just got easier...

> Now anyone can natively execute PHP 5 code from a Perl application. From, [*"Bricolage Now has PHP 5 Templating"*]( more »
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