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Getting a Let's Encrypt certificate without root on a cPanel domain

system, hacks, open source, privacy
I'm a big fan of my friends and colleagues at [Let's Encrypt](, an effort to make it easier to encrypt the web by offering web encryption certificates for free, for ever. At first, free Let's Encrypt (LE) certificates were no… more »

Is it hard to install PGP on a Mac?

hacks, open source, privacy, usability
So what if you don't want the NSA to see a particular file or email? If they're really wiretapping the whole goddamn internet, how can you keep secrets? Well, you have to encrypt them. And the standard for strong encryption is PGP -- [Pretty Good Pri… more »

Sorry, China!

system, blogging, hacks, wtf?
I have to apologize to China, although if you're Chinese proper, I doubt you'll see this apology unless you're on vacation somewhere else or using a proxy. I've noticed a steady uptick in traffic to this site, notably this blog, over the past few mon… more »

Thunderbird and .ics files from Exchange

system, hacks, wtf?
Sigh. Outlook should die, die, die. Short version: if you use Thunderbird to read email and you regularly get `meeting.ics` files from people, install [Show All Body Parts]( i… more »

"Can't Load Visual Basic for Applications"

system, hacks, research
I recently migrated from an older MacBook Pro 15" to a newer 13" and whenever I launch Microsoft Office Word, I get the following error... and a doozy of an error it is: Not only is this an error that makes Word completely unusable -- you have to… more »
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