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wine, tasting notes
A few of us went out last night to [Bourbon and Branch]... a seriously cool bar that goes to great pains to replicate a speakeasy atmosphere. They even go as far to have a [slew of rules] that, if you break, can get you kicked the hell out. There's no… more »

Orange Chicken

wine, recipe, food
This is an amazing main dish. The orange glaze is bright, flavorful and not too sweet. Of course, you need to get good chicken, and I'll leave the intricacies of that up to you... Serve with a [not-too-fruity sauvignon blanc] and a simple side of corn… more »

Batali's Parmigiana di Melanzane

wine, recipe, food
One of my favorite cooks and restauranteurs is Mario Batali. I'm not exactly sure why, but I use to not really like Batali. Maybe it's because he uses a lot of meat and we don't eat much of that around here. Well, after eating one of the best mea… more »

Wonderful V-Day

wine, berkeley, family, friends, food
Michelle and I went to [Cafe de la Paz]( last night to see a very good flamenco show and eat a prix fixe meal (I had duck, she had salmon). It was a really neat experience and the food was good and refressing. We also drank… more »

Cheap-ass, Good Wines: 2002 Viu Manent merlot reserve

wine, tasting notes
Background: Michelle and I purchased this 2002 Chilean Merlot made by Viu Manent (Colchagua, Chilé) from Vino! in Oakland for $8.95. A sign in Vino! said that Wine Enthusiast gives it an 89 point score (the closest I could find was this Wine Spec… more »
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