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The New Marketing; More Stencil Graffiti

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...A vision from the new marketing. There's only one thing that an artist cannot do completely for themselves these days: marketing (recording, mixing, producing, manufacturing, and distribution can all be handled at some degree of sophistication). Wel… more »

The EFF's Jason Schultz Comes to Boalt and Other Academic News

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You heard it here first, folks. Jason Schultz will be teaching the Cyberlaw course at Boalt Hall this spring. Jason's an attorney and awesome litigator at the EFF and also Boalt alum (not to mention that he blogs it up at LawGeek and Copyfight). It's… more »

Felten: LAMP and Regulatory Arbitrage

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From an engineering standpoint, the new design of LAMP is overly complex, fragile, and inefficient. That's not surprising, because lawyers must have had a big impact on the design. There's got to be a market in regulatory arbitrage... that is, mayb… more »
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