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The Challenge of P2P Blog...

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The class blog for [Pam Samuelson][pam]'s graduate seminar [*Peer-to-Peer (P2P) Technology: Legal and Policy Challenges*][pamp2p] is here: ["The Challenge of P2P"][pamp2pblog]. (I'm the tutor for the course, which begins tomorrow.) Berkeley students… more »

RSS feed for MGM v. Grokster

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I've gotten my main man and RSS mercenary, [Carlo][], to scrape the [EFF][]'s [MGM v. Grokster][grok] case archive into RSS. New or edited list items added to their case archive will show up as new RSS entries on this feed. Here's the feed ([link](http… more »

Thoughts on VSDA's brief in MGM v. Grokster...

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[The Video Software Dealer's Association][vsda] submitted a [brief][1] supporting the reversal of [MGM v. Grokster][effg]. Here are my thoughts (in an extended entry so that it doesn't pollute your reader if you don't want to read legal stuff): [vsda… more »

Displaying Recently Played Tracks on Blogs

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(I think this will work for any PHP blog like [wordpress][wp] or [b2evolution][b2].) [wp]: [b2]: So [danah][] (via [various posts][vp]) has got me really into [Last.FM][lf] (and the associated [Audioscr… more »

CD Sales GROWTH in 2004!

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> ### [BBC: US sees growth in CD sales market]( ### > US CD sales rose by 2.3% in 2004 - the first rise in four years - despite the growing popularity of legal digital music downloads. Wow. Is f… more »
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