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New paper on the poisioning and pollution of P2P networks

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Nicolas Christin has just put the finishing touches on a new paper authored with Andreas Weigend and SIMS professor John Chuang, "Content Availability, Pollution and Poisoning in File Sharing Peer-to-Peer Networks" (PDF) that will be presented at ACM's… more »


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Well, it was bound to happen... [Patrick Wagstrom][pw] has set up a [feed][] for shows he's recently recorded with his [MythTV][]. [pw]: [feed]:… more »

Peer Impact to go live...

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From Steve Fox at PC World: > ### Legit Peer-to-Peer File Swaps > The Buzz: A little startup is about to make a huge splash, introducing a legal and music-industry-blessed file-swapping service. Peer Impact breaks from the gate with a massive cat… more »

Non-controversial P2P: Aliens, Proteins and Atmospheric Models

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(cross-posted to ["Challenges of P2P"]( [here]( In the P2P debate, it's often easy to forget that there are important uses of P2P technology other than f… more »

Grokster Briefs on the Merits...

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I'll be posting briefs filed in *MGM v. Grokster* as I see them here: [``]( Briefs posted so far: ### Petitioner'… more »
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