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How will Supremes decide MGM v. Grokster?

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I'm sitting in [Pam Samuelson][pam]'s [p2p class][p2p], and we just took a vote on how we think the Supreme Court *will decide* and *should decide* the [*MGM v. Grokster*][mgm] case. The results: [pam]: [p2p]:http:… more »

MGM v. Grokster briefs in support of affirmance

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The briefs in MGM v. Grokster in support of affirmance will be posted on EFF's case archive and on our course webpage. Also, if you like RSS, here is a feed for the EFF's MGM v. Grokster case archive (put this in your favorite feed reader): http://… more »

Highlights from Computer Scientists' Brief in Grokster

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I've seen a copy of [a brief supporting affirmance by 17 computer science professors][1] in *MGM v. Grokster*. Here are some choice quotes. [1]: First, they take the opportunity to correct… more »

EFF posts The Betamax Case archive...

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[Jason][] over at the [EFF][] has sent word that they've made the case archive from 1984's [*Sony v. Universal*]( supreme court case avaiable here: [EFF: The Betamax Case][sony]. [jason]:http:… more »

Classic Grokster Quote

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> "[W]e live in a quicksilver technological environment with courts ill-suited to fix the flow of internet innovation." > Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc. v. Grokster, Ltd., [380 F.3d 1154][1] at 11746 (9th Cir. 2004) [1]:… more »
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