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Grokster reversed and remanded...

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Just got an IM from Matt Zimmerman (EFF) who said Cindy Cohn (EFF) just received a call from the clerk of the Supreme Court and Grokster has been reversed and remanded. Apparently, it was a unanimous decision!!! Here's the decision: Breyer concu… more »

MobBlog for Grokster...

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[Randy Picker] has set up a *[MobBlog]* which will serve as a clearinghouse for expert commentary on the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on *MGM v. Grokster*... commentators include: [Doug Lichtman](, [Jes… more »

Grokster could be announced on a Thursday...

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Via the [EFF]'s announcement of a decision-day [press conference]: [press conference]: [EFF]: > The Court has already scheduled opinion announcements for 10:00a on June 20th,… more »

Mac OS X Tiger 10.4.1 for PCs leaked...

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Well, it seems that [operating systems want to be free]( too... **UPDATE [2005-06-14 11:15:20]:** Turns out that this is a [hoax]. [hoax]:… more »

Independent Label Trade Group

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From [Digital Music News][0]: [0]: [1]: > ### [Indie Labels Flex Collective Muscle With New Trade Group][1] > **In an attempt to counter the market power of the four major m… more »
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