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Forbes barfs on blogging

blogging, copyright, SCO, wtf?, chilling effects, policy, legal, threats
So, [Forbes][1] has a series of ridiculous pieces that make up it's cover story for the November 14 issue. The first ([*"Attack of the Blogs"*][2]) is a piece that generalizes about "attack blogs" using one lengthy example and a bunch of crap sprinkled… more »

The SCO judge is hella funny...

copyright, SCO, open source, chilling effects
"If Counterclaim 10 is gone, the jury won't be confused any more?" - Judge Kimbal in today's SCO v. IBM hearing more »

Gates Rubber v. Bando - Abstraction-Filtration-Comparison

copyright, SCO
Hopefully, it won't come to this but SCO has like 30 lawyers... I've always wanted to know more about abstract- filtration- comparison tests. SCO cited the case, Gates Rubber v. Bando, in its Reply Memorandum re Discovery, (footnote 7 on page 20) and t… more »
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