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[Ryan] got me turned on to [lala] which is a start-up that facilitates trading of audio CDs once you've become bored with them. It is one of a [few]( [new]( [services]( that ar… more »

How could have the Sony Rootkit been prevented?

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[Aaron]( and [Deirdre]( are featured in an article by Anne Broache and Declan McCullagh about their arguing for an exemption from the DMCA anti-circumvent… more »

Chris Anderson: "The Elephant in the Long Tail"

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CA Senate Hearing on Open Source

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Today I testified at a hearing entitled, ["Open Source Software ? Does It Have A Place In California?s Electoral System?"]( held by the California State Sen… more »

Orphan Works Trolls?

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Do you think we'll start to see "orphan works trolls" that examine commercially successful orphan works (or their derivatives), try go find the copyright holders and get rights assigned and then sue so that they can make money? Hmmmmm... [Joe Gratz]… more »
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