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Brett Frischmann on "Spillovers"

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Brett Frischmann from Loyola Chicago School of Law gave a Faculty Candidate Talk yesterday on his paper, "Spillovers", co-authored with Mark Lemley. Here is the audio and here is the abstract for the talk: Economists since Demsetz have viewed proper… more »

Stallman on Copyright Reform

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[Richard Stallman] came to speak at UC Berkeley's [Department of Computer Science] this past Wednesday about copyright reform. I have to admit, I was a bit disappointed. I've heard a lot of what he said before and I had skipped another very interesting… more »

Coding for policy, regulating design

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[Deirdre Mulligan] (my mentor and grant supervisor) is leading [a reading group] here at the [School of Information] concerning the embedding of values in policy and policy-sensitive design. Feel free to follow the discussions we have on the blog: [*"C… more »

Diebold whistleblower pleads guilty and pays $10K

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Truly sad. I wish he had had the right criminal defense to wash his hands of this. Whistleblowing has to be done right. Jones Day is a bunch of really scummy lawyers. ### [E-voting `hero' pleads guilty to computer crime in Diebold case][1] > By… more »

Fred Schneider, "What Price Insularity? ..." (iSchool DLS)

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This past Wednesday, [Fred Schneider][1] from [Cornell's Computer Science Department][2] gave the second [iSchool][3] Distinguished Lecture of the 2006-2007 academic year, "What Price Insularity? Dialogs about Computer Security Failings". Fred's ta… more »
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