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Commonwealth Club Panel: Should Books Be Free Online?

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Make a reservation for this [Commonwealth Club]( panel... (via the one and only ass-kicking [LawGeek]( > [INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY | THURSDAY JANUARY 26](h… more »

Ever been frustrated with a locked cell phone?

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If you have a particularly good story about frustrations dealing with a locked cell phone, consider helping folks at Stanford Law file for a DMCA exemption for unlocking cell phones: > The Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society is collec… more »

GPLv3 Draft 1 out

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Just received in an email: > The new draft and web resources are available at . We welcome your comments on the wording of the new version at I'll include the draft text below. One of the things I was hoping is compatibility with the Affero GPL… more »

How copyright infringement can get complicated

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This is fascinating ([*"Digging The Madness of Crowds"*]( by [nat]( at [O'Reilly Radar]( > Earlier today, O'Reill… more »

E-voting source code NOT to be opened in Wisconsin

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**UPDATE [2006-01-05T12:56:32]:** Unfortunately, all the hub-ub was about a draft of the bill as introduced, [the version as passed into law]( has none of the disclosure of code language and instea… more »
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