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A Simple Method for Inserting a Bloglines Blogroll

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Have I mentioned that I like Bloglines, lately? One cool feature is that you can export the list of what you read as a blogroll. Bloglines offers a JavaScript and an HTML blogroll that you can embed in your blog. Naturally, I choose to use the HTML… more »

b2evolution: How to clear evo_hitlog?

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So, as Dave has pointed out, I'm having some problems with N.Q.B.'s MySQL database (You can see the error by highlighting the text at the bottom of this page). I've posted a lengthy comment to the b2evolution forum and hope that some of those clever bas… more »

Evoting Experts blog launches...

elections, blogging, feeds, hacks, news, politics, problems
Ed Felten has launched an evoting experts blog at I'll be joinging Adam Stubblefield, Avi Rubin, Dan Wallach, David Dill and Ed there to address problems as they come up in the 2004 election. This will be a great site for as-it-ha… more »

Abe and Durant quotes...

I've started to subscribe to the Quotes of the Day feed (feed here). Today are two great ones: "When I do good, I feel good; when I do bad, I feel bad, and that is my religion." - Abraham Lincoln (1809 - 1865), (attributed) This is a neat quote.… more »

Aaronsw makes Wired...

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You know the youth is on track when we've got peeps like Aaron in the mix. UPDATE: Holy shit! Cal turned Aaron Swartz down? What the hell does it take? Maybe we only let stupid people in... I feel ashamed. WHO: Aaron Swartz, an 18-year-old compute… more »
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