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RSS feed of U.S. Supreme Court slip opinions...

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Here is a [feed] for the U.S. Supreme Court's [slip opinions page]. ([thanks Carlo]!) [thanks Carlo]: [slip opinions page]:… more »

Losing patience with Bloglines... it's starting to suck!

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I am totally losing my patience with [Bloglines]( Their interface has been wholly inconsistent for the past week. Things such as omission of the "collapse" feature (which allows skipping a bunch of entries… more »

Another change to NQB2 feeds...

system, blogging, feeds
I've changed the NQB2 feed scheme again... read on if you care or liked the full-text feeds. A few people have contacted me wanting the option of subscribing to an NQB2 feed without the full text of the entries. So, I've rolled back the previous… more »


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On the subject of SIMS master's projects, check out [Lisa]( and [Carolyn]('s [SylViA]( app. ... it's an XML-powered syllabus viewer for SIMS courses.… more »

Slight changes to NQB2 feeds...

blogging, feeds
So, at the request of a respected reader, I've made some slight changes to the RSS feeds for this blog. If you read this via a web browser (and not a news aggregator) you won't notice a difference... if you read this via an aggregator, you'll notice th… more »
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