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Converting RSS Feeds to Twitter Streams

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I don't use my feed reader any more. I don't know why... maybe I just had too many feeds. Maybe it was getting *too* social with "likes" and such in Google Reader. I use Twitter much, much more these days. However, some blogs/people will never post… more »

Two upcoming hip-hop shows...

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[Dead Prez] is playing [Mezzanine] tomorrow night... and [The Federation] is playing for free at [Rasputin's] in Berkeley at 5pm on Tuesday. (I keep a list of upcoming shows that I find of interest on my ["Killer Shows..."] page... there's an [RSS fe… more »

Upgrading Blog

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I'm upgrading my blog software, so please stay tuned... it might look a bit weird around here and your feeds might not work for a bit. Things left to do: * All done. ... let me know if you see anything out of order. more »

New Feed for Pam Samuelson's Papers

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Hi, if you're a fan of my adviser, Pam Samuelson, and her scholarship, then you'd probably like to know that there is a feed for her paper page (where she posts her forthcoming papers): The old feed had fallen into disrepair. This one is largely au… more »

Bye bye boing boing

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It's funny... seeing this NYT article, [*"Popular Web Site Falls Victim to a Content Filter"*](, reminds me to announce to the world that I no longer read Boing Boing. After [Ryan](http://sin… more »
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