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Forbes barfs on blogging

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So, [Forbes][1] has a series of ridiculous pieces that make up it's cover story for the November 14 issue. The first ([*"Attack of the Blogs"*][2]) is a piece that generalizes about "attack blogs" using one lengthy example and a bunch of crap sprinkled… more »

The clownside of soapbox-ism

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[This is total bullshit](,1895,1862256,00.asp). **UPDATE [2005-09-24 10:08:20]:** Later, a great comment from [Paul Saffo]( > If newspapers are the "first draft" of history, blogs and other f… more »

Way meta...

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> Folks out there in Bloglandia seem really often to run up against the same kinds of concerns at the same moments, without necessarily knowing about one another, as though there?s something in the zeitgeist that suddenly makes its way to consciousnes… more »

Google gets a bit closer to evil...

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Google has some sort of new private, desktop search thing coming out. I think. At a minimum, they've just increased their ability to monitor what search results you click on. If you're using FireFox, go to [Google] and do a search. Like [this one]… more »

I'm a blogging slacker...

blogging, wtf?
Here are a few brief comments that I have been meaning to blog about but just haven't gotten around to... I could write a page on each of these, but won't: * Do you check your friends blogs as frequently as your rivals? * Have you ever had a "why… more »
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