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UC Blogging Class

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via [Scot]( > UC Extension Blogging Class > Local blog news -- Birdhouse user Tom Abate writes: > UC Extension will offer a one-day seminar for aspiring bloggers on Sat… more »

A very rough way to judge classroom blog participation...

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In our [OSDDDI] course, contributing to [the class blog] is part of each student's participation grade. It's not weighted particularly heavily and is not the centerpiece of the course, but it can make a difference for students on the border between one… more »

Our SoS responds, technologically, to criticism...

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There's been a variety of flurried harumpfing today over allegations that the California Secretary of State's office "changed the rules" right before a meeting this Monday that will decide the fate of the (currently pending) state certification of the D… more »

Technorati breaks into mainstream media?

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Like many, I watch my stats... I saw some hits to my recent post, [*"DRM can kill..."*](, from the [Washington Post]( and was surprised. I mean, who gives a shit w… more »

Shows page back up...

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So, I've revitalized my [Shows page] which lists concerts and other musical engagements that I'm likely to be found at. It now has [a feed]. Technical details about the schema, xml and such below the fold. [Shows page]:… more »
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