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Da Trolls

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After reading Tim O'Reilly's post from today, [*"Call for a Blogger's Code of Conduct"*](, the thing I most agree with is: > ### 4. Ignore the Trolls People suck. In large crowds l… more »

Coding for policy, regulating design

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[Deirdre Mulligan] (my mentor and grant supervisor) is leading [a reading group] here at the [School of Information] concerning the embedding of values in policy and policy-sensitive design. Feel free to follow the discussions we have on the blog: [*"C… more »

My Dad on Livestock, Me on Pigs

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My Dad, a pathologist, has started blogging... and it appears he's got a knack for it. His [latest post]( is about a report, [*"Livestock's Long Shadow"*](… more »

My Dad Now Blogs...

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My father has entered the blogosphere: [Rousing from Lethargy]... stand the hell back. [Rousing from Lethargy]: more »


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Everyone welcome [Tara Wheatland]( to the blogosphere as she spends the next 1.5 years clerking for an AK Appeals Court judge. more »
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