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Upgrading Blog

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I'm upgrading my blog software, so please stay tuned... it might look a bit weird around here and your feeds might not work for a bit. Things left to do: * All done. ... let me know if you see anything out of order. more »


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[:(]( more »

On cookies when opting-out of in-text search/advertising

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I'm convinced that companies like [Snap] and [Vibrant] have found a clever way to make money off of people ***that either opt-in or opt-out*** of their in-text search/advertising. Both of these companies make money off of in-text search or advertis… more »

Perz bloggin'

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Join me in a hearty blogosphere welcome to [Aaron Perzanowski]... god forbid if they give this kid any realy power. ::) [Aaron Perzanowski]: more »

Kill the Blogging Code of Conduct

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The [effort of Tim O'Reilly, Jimmy Wales et al. to establish a Bloggers Code of Conduct]( has to be one of the most flawed policy processes I've ever seen. I agree wholeheartedly with [Dav… more »
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