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Daily Mammal is totally impressive

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A friend, Jennifer at the [Daily Mammal], just completed what can only be called a mammalathon: she [illustrated 24 mammals in 24 hours]. The idea was to have people sponsor a mammal by donating to $25 each to [Defenders of Wildlife], then Jennifer wou… more »

Two upcoming hip-hop shows...

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[Dead Prez] is playing [Mezzanine] tomorrow night... and [The Federation] is playing for free at [Rasputin's] in Berkeley at 5pm on Tuesday. (I keep a list of upcoming shows that I find of interest on my ["Killer Shows..."] page... there's an [RSS fe… more »

Pic of me on Machinist post

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Cool! [Farhad Manjoo] used [a picture of me], taken by [Matt], blowing up a Diebold beach ball that was given to me by [Jason] in a [Machinist] post about DESI's [name change]. [Creative Commons] rules! (Thanks to Tim McNerney for the pointer!) [… more »

Markdown for b2evolution v0.2

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I've updated my [Markdown Plugin for b2evolution] to v0.2. It is now compatible with the 1.10.x series of [b2evolution]. In case you're not familiar with it, b2evo is a wonderful little [GPL]'d blogging tool that packs [quite a punch] under its hood… more »

Got my links back

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(this will not be very interesting to the majority of you... but it's ***my*** blog...) Well, I've been having some issues with [Markdown] rendering on this blog. I promise that when I get it all working I'll release a [b2evo] markdown plugin that i… more »
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