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Markdown 1.0.1 Released

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John Gruber has released Markdown 1.0.1... and now it is dual-licensed GPL/BSD. What is Markdown? Well, in short, it's a lightweight syntax for writing documents (emails, web pages, whatever) that can be easily read by the human eye but then also pars… more »

Clean Permalinks in b2evolution

So, Yuri, in his usual loving manner, told me that links like: http://[...]/index.php?title=i_pizzaiolo&tb=1&pb=1&[...] are ridiculous and stupid. I agree but haven't had much time to look into it further. So, I've just changed how my… more »

Judd: Spam Blocking on Wordpress

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For all the smart people out there that have realized there are very good reasons to choose WordPress over Movable Type... Judd mentions a great spam-blocking plug-in that we both saw first at Alex Halvais' blog: I recently found a plugin for Wordpre… more »

interface grrl

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Mary is one of two kick-ass women that got me into blogging... read about her here: "Her So-Called Digital Life". more »

A Simple Method for Inserting a Bloglines Blogroll

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Have I mentioned that I like Bloglines, lately? One cool feature is that you can export the list of what you read as a blogroll. Bloglines offers a JavaScript and an HTML blogroll that you can embed in your blog. Naturally, I choose to use the HTML… more »
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