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Reading SethF...

Are you reading [SethF]( If not, here's a taste of what you're missing: > O Lord, just give me one more tech bubble, one more collective financial insanity where I might be able to get founder's stock and be bought… more »

Mary on what to do in an era of Grokster...

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[Mary] makes a pointed observation (*["The 5-8 Year Problem: Asking the Ocean To Turn Back Won't Work With Digital Media Tides"](*): [Mary]: > Chatting with Jason Sc… more »

A lesson in allegorical discretion from Kathleen...

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Wow. You all *must read* comment number 4 on [this post]( This is the coolest I've ever seen in terms of trying to tell a confidential story in allegory... Kathleen uses two toes on… more »

Take a quick blog survey...

Please take the following blog survey if you are a blogger... your 15 minutes of time will help to increase our understanding of how and why people blog. more »

MobBlog for Grokster...

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[Randy Picker] has set up a *[MobBlog]* which will serve as a clearinghouse for expert commentary on the Supreme Court's upcoming decision on *MGM v. Grokster*... commentators include: [Doug Lichtman](, [Jes… more »
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