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A new way to read bloglines feeds...

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I'm digging the direction and flavor of a new reader using the [Bloglines]( Web Services API: [Chameleon Reader]( It doesn't piss me off nearly as much as Bloglines does... but you'll still have to use… more »

EFF15: Freedom fighting created my career

elections, blogging, copyright, chilling effects, policy, legal
As part of the [EFF]'s 15th anniversary, they are having a [blog-a-thon] where people describe the "very first step you to took to stand up for your digital rights." It's impossible for me to remember the very first step I took for digital rights... I… more »

Praise for Markdown...

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As posted by [Aaron] to the [Markdown list]: [Aaron]: [Markdown list]: > At a party the other night, the author of a client-side GUI weblog editor with a WYSIWYG e… more »

Bloglines sucks II

blogging, feeds, wtf?, usability
I'm going to publish every "[bloglines] sucks" letter that I send to them from now on... here's number two: **UPDATE [2005-08-10 09:52:27]:** I'm glad I'm not alone in feeling this way... [Doug] points to a few other complaints about bloglines in the… more »

How to turn off the display of b2evolution's massive antispam table

blogging, hacks, open source, usability
So, a while back [I complained][1] over in the [b2evo] Feature Request forum about how the antispam tab in the backend was not optimal. As the size of our self-reported blacklists grow so does the time it takes to render and download the antispam tab… more »
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