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Sorry, China!

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I have to apologize to China, although if you're Chinese proper, I doubt you'll see this apology unless you're on vacation somewhere else or using a proxy. I've noticed a steady uptick in traffic to this site, notably this blog, over the past few mon… more »

Converting RSS Feeds to Twitter Streams

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I don't use my feed reader any more. I don't know why... maybe I just had too many feeds. Maybe it was getting *too* social with "likes" and such in Google Reader. I use Twitter much, much more these days. However, some blogs/people will never post… more »

NQB2 is back... soon.

Many apologies!  My glorious webhost ([Birdhouse Hosting]) upgraded it's PHP version to one that rendered the older version of the [b2evo] blog software inoperable. So, this blog has been throwing up serious PHP errors in everyone's face for a while no… more »

Bulk Deletion of Spam Comments...

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Apologies for the silence here... I've been busy and mostly posting short thoughts and such [on Twitter]( The comment spammers seem to love a few of my posts... and moderating all the comment spam is a bit of a pain. Fra… more »

Ah, crap

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Well, I'm now on [twitter] as [@joebeone] (pronounced like JOE-bee-won). [twitter]: [@joebeone]: I resisted for a while. I blame it all on [Layer Tennis]. You can't vote for a winner in layer tenn… more »
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