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Veronica Lipgloss, Glass Candy and the Man with the Screaming Brain

music, San Francisco
So, we've got an exciting Wednesday and Thursday evening set up... Wednesday we're off to the theatre to see *[eviL DeaD Live]* at the [Victoria Theatre] and then on Thursday we'll see the movie *[the Man with the Screaming Brain]* at [the Roxie] and th… more »

Tales from the Long Tail... (No. 1)

music, copyright, p2p, podcasts
So, I've changed the title of my podcast to **Tales from the Long Tail**. ##### However, I can't promise that I'll do podcasting more than semi-monthly but do let me know what you want to hear more of. Why the new name? Well, I'd like to devote… more »

GPL'd audio editing software for the Mac... Audacity

music, blogging, open source, podcasts
If you ever edit audio (like for podcasts) on a Mac, you *have* to check out [Audacity]... much, much, much better by far than silly GarageBand. I figured out most of the tools in 5 minutes (and it even has an envelope tool for fading samples in!). [… more »

NQB2 podcast 02 - Hella, Fantômas and Hasil Adkins

music, podcasts
Howdy, y'all. I've just finished off my second podcast and if you subscribe to the [podcast-enabled feed]( for NQB2, you can download it and listen to it now (or click the title of this pos… more »

Hasil Adkins dead at 68

As the New York Times reports ([*"Hasil Adkins, Wild Man of Rockabilly, Dies at 68"*](, one heck of an underappreciated figure in the development of rock n' roll died today: Hasil Adkins. Here'… more »
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