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No p2p setbacks in Taiwan...

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Courtesy of [Doug]( > ### [Ezpeer found not guilty in landmark copyright verdict][1] [1]: > #####… more »

Device interoperability for digital music is illegal in the UK...

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I didn't know this, but while reading [The Register], an author claimed that ripping music CDs to play songs in an iPod was illegal in the UK. Apparently, this is so... making *any copies of a music CD is illegal in the UK* (snippet below is from a fea… more »

Favorite Podcasts...

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I've been using [iPodder] to check out a few podcasts lately... and I have to plug a few of the cool ones I've found... (be warned: these are as weird as my tastes... which are plenty weird) [iPodder]:… more »

Independent Label Trade Group

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From [Digital Music News][0]: [0]: [1]: > ### [Indie Labels Flex Collective Muscle With New Trade Group][1] > **In an attempt to counter the market power of the four major m… more »

The last Peel session...

I just got a copy of the [Hot Snakes]' recent 7" recorded as a Peel session in the UK. Apparently, it was the last Peel session ever as [John Peel] died a week later on vacation in Perú. It's very good, pressed on red vinyl and there are a few… more »
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