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Testing IODA

I'm here at [IODA]( testing their blog/podcast indie music promo tools!!!! Cool! Check it out... the below was generated by their software that will automatically do this: Viva Zapata! 7 Year Bitch C/Z Buy at iTu… more »

"Go Dumb" - J. Valentine (feat. Bailey) - Lyrics

So, if you listen to any Bay Area hip-hop, you'd have noticed a unique song in heavy rotation. This song, "Go Dumb", is largely vocals only and is sung by J. Valentine of City Boyz (with a rap at the end by [Champ Bailey]). What makes it even better i… more »

The Afghan Music Project

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This is a great piece of music and all proceeds go to a good cause (I got it via iTunes): > The [Afghan Music Project] (AMP) is a mixed media social venture, seeking to raise awareness of Afghan culture through music. All proceeds from the project wi… more »

DRM can kill...

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[Ed Felten] has been doing a great job of tracking the unfoling Sony BMG DRM/rootkit fiasco... and there's now some evidence that this rootkit can seriously comprmise system security. Prof. Felten [pointed out][1] that the company has claimed that their… more »

Shows page back up...

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So, I've revitalized my [Shows page] which lists concerts and other musical engagements that I'm likely to be found at. It now has [a feed]. Technical details about the schema, xml and such below the fold. [Shows page]:… more »
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