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Sonic Youth to open for Pearl Jam

I'd normally keep shows to my [show list and feed](, but Bill Graham Productions just announced that Sonic Youth is opening for Pearl Jam in July. Which is as weird as when they opened for Nirvana. Neither band would ex… more »


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[Ryan] got me turned on to [lala] which is a start-up that facilitates trading of audio CDs once you've become bored with them. It is one of a [few]( [new]( [services]( that ar… more »

Tails from the Long Tail 3: The Gossip

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For the third installment of Tails from the Long Tail, I concentrate on a single album recently released. [The Gossip](, from Olympia, Washington, have put out a new album called "Standing the the Way of Control". It's their… more »

DJ Mark Marcelo presents The Ignant Mix

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From [Ryan]... [DJ Mark Marcelo presents The Ignant Mix][1]. All the Hyphy you can handle and then some... [1]: [Ryan]: more »


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Interesting (via a Google AdSense ad, no less). In addition to efforts like mine, where I publish information about [cool shows](, there's also this: . Apparently, Track50 will send you email ([if and only if](http://ww… more »
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