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Black Maria

I was recently in Albuquerque with Michelle and a good friend, Isadora. We were walking past a closed club that had a band practicing in it. It was phenomenal. The band was clearly what is referred to as "stoner rock" although was heavy enough to be… more »

What's up...

Sorry for not having posted in a while... I'm neck deep in research. Here are a few things: * Apparently, after a trip to the UC Berkeley Eye Center, I need to wear glasses now... especially when reading subtitles in movies and while driving (I'm ne… more »

EFF turns 16

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The [EFF turns 16 today]( if you appreciate the work that they have done and continue to do in the realm of digital rights, please consider making a [recurring donation](… more »

Sonic Youth -- Rather Ripped

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([Sonic Youth] will play the Fillmore in San Francisco on 14 July with [Awesome Color]. And it's only $34.45 per ticket after ticketmaster charges and taxes (ticks wetn on sale [here]( this morning a… more »

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The [crypto rap] from [MC Plus+] is rad. ##### (via [mroth] in person and then [Schneier] via RSS). [MC Plus+]: [crypto rap]:… more »
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