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Random Thoughts (2008-01-08)

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* [Neurosis]' new album [*Given to the Rising*] is drop-dead gorgeous... some of the best music I've heard in a long time. A dude at [Lanesplitters] tells me that the vinyl version has a DVD inside that explains the artwork and the arc of the album. A… more »

New music...

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On Sundays I try to get around to updating [my XMLified concert list]... and today I did. When I do this, I tend to stumble upon new interesting music. Some things I've stumbled on lately: [my XMLified concert list]:… more »

Two upcoming hip-hop shows...

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[Dead Prez] is playing [Mezzanine] tomorrow night... and [The Federation] is playing for free at [Rasputin's] in Berkeley at 5pm on Tuesday. (I keep a list of upcoming shows that I find of interest on my ["Killer Shows..."] page... there's an [RSS fe… more »

M.I.A. is comin' back wit powa, powa

I ***love*** the new M.I.A. release, Kala. It's badass and both rhythmically and lyrically groundbreaking. I can't get enough of her voice, the way she weaves rhythms and all the interesting guests she has... from Timbaland (who produced all or so… more »

Neurosis, Red Sparowes and Grails at GAMH

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Michelle and I saw [Neurosis] at the [Great American Music Hall] on Sunday with [Red Sparowes] and [Grails]. It was a totally awesome show. Considering Neurosis doesn't play out but a few times a year, no self-respecting fan of thoughtful heavy music… more »
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