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Lost Sounds @ BoTH

Michelle and I saw The Lost Sounds at BoTH this past Thursday (4 Nov). They were amazing. It's hard to communicate in words how good musical artists like this are live. They're a mix of punk rock, death disco and avant punk. "What the hell is that?" W… more »

Felten: LAMP and Regulatory Arbitrage

music, copyright, hacks, chilling effects, p2p
From an engineering standpoint, the new design of LAMP is overly complex, fragile, and inefficient. That's not surprising, because lawyers must have had a big impact on the design. There's got to be a market in regulatory arbitrage... that is, mayb… more »

A worm in the Apple

music, copyright, wtf?, chilling effects
Apple threatened the ISP-host for and creators of iPoddownload, a plug-in that allows users to transfer songs from any iPod to their iTunes library. Typically, iPods are tied to only one iTunes library in order to limit sneaker-net piracy. (via D… more »

PJ Harvey is coming... and we're going... nyah nyah

21.07.04 :: News of a whirlwind tour of the West Coast of America has just been confirmed. Harvey, who's close to completing a three month Festival tour of Europe, Australia & Japan will hit the West Coast for a quick run of intimate dates. The s… more »
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