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A mess o' dorks...

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So Michelle was gifted a bunch of records a while back from a previous coworker. And there's some really dorky album covers in the mix (See "[Vinyl Motherload][vm]" from [NQB v0.1][nqb]). There are levels of dorkiness, even. From just dorky enoug… more »

Displaying Recently Played Tracks on Blogs

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(I think this will work for any PHP blog like [wordpress][wp] or [b2evolution][b2].) [wp]: [b2]: So [danah][] (via [various posts][vp]) has got me really into [Last.FM][lf] (and the associated [Audioscr… more »

The New Marketing; More Stencil Graffiti

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...A vision from the new marketing. There's only one thing that an artist cannot do completely for themselves these days: marketing (recording, mixing, producing, manufacturing, and distribution can all be handled at some degree of sophistication). Wel… more »

random shuffle

Via danah via Metamanda... who are posting random lists of songs from their playlists. I cheated, however. My tastes are so weird and vast... don't be scared by some of the below! So I decided to randomize a few times until I saw a mix that I would… more »

The Grey Video...

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(via Donna via Cory) Man o' man... get the Grey Video before it's sued out of existence... here are direct links to the files in MOV: small | medium | large UPDATE [2004-11-19 11:04:07]: The site has gone down for unknown reasons (via Cory).… more »
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