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Is eMusic selling customer data? No.

music, privacy
There has been speculation ([*"EPIC asks: which digital music service is selling your data?"*][bbp]) on [Boing Boing][bb] that [][em] (the best music subscription site ever) might be selling its customer data. As a long-time custom… more »

QOTSA at The Fillmore in San Francisco Saturday...

##### (In case you haven't noticed, I've been transitioning to a hybrid model of blogging: I'll post some journal-like posts and some pundit-style posts at my discretion.) I'm excited. Even in a culturally-rich area like the Bay Area, rarely am I ev… more »

President Bush knows the Darknet

music, copyright, politics, p2p
([cross-posted]( to [the Challenge of P2P blog]( From a story in the IHT, we get a peak into President Bush's iPod (["White House Letter: 'Boomer rock' k… more »

Transcript of MGM v. Grokster

music, copyright, p2p, policy, legal, threats
We've posted the transcript from the *MGM v. Grokster* oral argument: more »

Misogynistic sphaghetti western song...

Wow. I've just gotten a taste of why DJs search so long and hard for the perfect songs on long-lost vinyl. Michelle found this album with all Italian writing on the jacket. Check out this strangely misogynistic song, ["Campa Carogna... La Taglia… more »
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