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Restoring iTunes Music Library Metadata

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Michelle's eMac (yeah, it's old) has been doing something weird where iTunes looses all knowledge of her music library and metadata. The music is still there, but her `iTunes Music Library.xml` file is nowhere to be found. Luckily, we back her Mac up… more »

On Female Jerkin' MCs (NSFW)

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***Warning: This is a rap music blog post! It also contains frank discussion of sex, drugs and rap, hopefully from a somewhat academic perspective, so it's NSFW. If you come here for other stuff, usually, you might want to skip this post.*** Via M… more »

Plaudits for (Post-Election) Audits

elections, music, photos, friends, research
Plaudits for (Post-Election) Audits (by Mark Lindeman; Presented at the EVT/WOTE 2009 Rump Session) Say you?re eager to be voting, on some candidates you?re doting, While you?re waiting in the polling place this thought might give you pau… more »

Thurston Moore on Black Metal

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*(Because sometimes you need more than 140 characters...)* If you know me well, you know two things: 1) my favorite musical troupe of all time is [Sonic Youth]; and, 2) I played drums in a death metal band for a while in high school. [Sonic Youth]… more »

Audio Plugin Test

music, blogging
Just a quick test of a flash-based audio plugin... Not sure exactly how I'll use this yet... more »
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